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Torah Portions

February 15, 2012

At my church we have bible study after Shabbat services every week.  Generally speaking every week we study a portion of the scriptures called a Torah Portion.  I’m going to try to post every week and share my knowledge with all of you.  I’m probably going to be a week behind with my posting because I’m still learning (and always will be) but I still want to share my constantly growing understanding of the scriptures. 

Why do study Torah portions and not some other part of The Bible?  Well, firstly we spend most of our worship service in the New Testament.  Secondly we belive in the two house teaching. Most of the believers who come to our church are of the wild branch that has been grafted in by Abba Yahweh.  Many make the mistake of calling us Gentiles or even messianic gentiles; the problem there is that the word gentile literally means “out of covenant.”   The whole point of having a personal relationship with The Lord is to enter into covenant with him. In case you don’t realize it, the entire bible is a love story – but more on that later.

What does our being stock grafted in have to do with The Torah?  Well, observant Jews are raised with Torah portions, they study them every week of every year. Most of us former gentiles were not. As a result we don’t have the background in God’s instructions – The Torah.  Sure The Pentateuch is scripture in Christian churches, but the emphasis isn’t put on it that it deserves. After all, if Jesus is The Word made flesh, doesn’t it make sense that the word is important?  Don’t we need to figure out what word it was? If we are to walk as he walked, isn’t it important to figure out how he walked?

 Have you ever seen a marching band where everyone steps out of unison, moving on their own desire? Of course not! It wouldn’t work very well. That’s what we have in today’s body of believers.  Everyone playing the same music (Belief in The Father) but marching to the beat of different drums (Orthodox Judaism, Lutheranism, Catholisicm, Methodist, Reform Judaism, Eastern Orthodox, Messianic Judaism). 

The second reason we study the Torah every week is because we belive that the reunion of the two houses is coming.  We know that The King is coming!  We wait patiently, faithfully for his return, but when he comes – we will be one people again. When that happens we will all worship and study together.  Shouldn’t we get a head start now?

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