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Jamming on Adele

February 16, 2012

Those who already know me know that I love music; occasionally I will post up some videos or links to songs that I like.

Today I’m going to post a couple of videos by Adele. I had never even heard of her until just the other night when my partner insisted on watching The Grammy’s at work.  I was struck by her amazing voice and the fact that she just stood and sang. She didn’t have a giant, flashy, choreographed circus to distract the audience from her singing. I appreciate that. I also like the fact that she doesn’t dress like a whore.  In fact, she seems to be a pretty modest person in general.

I’d put a link up to her performance at The Grammy’s, but I can’t find one an official channel and I don’t want to waste my time linking to something that is going to be a copyright infringement dead link a day or two from now.

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