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February 27, 2012

Well, it’s been more than a little busy here at the Chateau De Gershom, what with the work schedule and a weekend getaway with some friends. I’m going to try to resume regular posting on Torah Portions this week and catch up on last week. But for now – enjoy some links from around the world and try to see why The Lord wants us to come out of Babylon.

If I still ate rabbits and other small, unclean animals; I’d so have one of these…

Get thee behind me Satan and take thy pancakes with thee…

Why don’t we hear more about people like this?

Blame Canada!

With all their liberal hullabaloo!

 Let me get this straight: Germany has taken out another cash advance on its maxed-out credit card and given it to its deadbeat cousin, Greece, who swears that this time they’ll use the money to get a haircut and a job, instead of wasting it on hookers and blow again, and investors take this as a good sign?

If necessity is the mother of invention then improvisation is the something of something else…

Why don’t these people go fight PETA?

No, Really.

This blog is great if you like to examine the seedy underbelly of our government, I couldn’t even pick just one link to pass on.

It’s the kind of virulent hate speech you’d expect to find on a neo-Nazi website, however, they were attributed not to the usual suspects, but to a spokesman for Media Matters, a hard left Democratic media attack and watchdog group that started out as an antidote to Fox News, and that still has close connections to the Obama White House.
After all that gloom, well mostly gloom, here is some government doing its job.
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