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More Christian than Christian?

May 8, 2012

My friend Brother Mike with some thoughts on Christianity and those who belive in the God of the Bible by being obedient to his word:

A friend of mine pointed out that around 7 minutes, he states that indulging in your own pleasure on Shabbat is sin. I disagree with this, but I forgot to say anything about it when I posted.

Here is my reply to my friend:

Sorry, I meant to say something about the same thing because I don’t agree 100% with this point he makes. Unfortunately I couldn’t email it from my phone and I had forgotten that I meant to say something in the hours that passed before I got to a computer.
As I said, I disagree with the idea that having fun on Shabbat is sinful. The idea is that it is to be a day of rest. Not a day of penance or punishment or something.
As long as you aren’t “working” I don’t think there are any other restrictions on what constitutes rest.
And I think that work can have different definitions to different people. I enjoy shooting and that is one of the things I do to relax when I have time to rest, hence I would not think it wicked to shoot skeet on Shabbat. Unless you’re Tom Knapp or some other professional shooter type person.  Similarly I don’t think it wrong to ride a motorcycle or turn a wrench on a car, unless those things are work for you.
As an example –  I won’t mow my lawn on Shabbat, nor would I personally work on my car. I don’t like doing those things, they aren’t restful for me, rather they are a source of stress. YMMV
Remember that Shabbat was made for man, not man for Shabbat. To my understanding this means that man does not exist for the purpose of ritualistically suffering through Shabbat. Shabbat exists for men so that we can have rest and spend a day relaxing.
The reason that I don’t say relaxing and worshiping is that we should be worshiping every day, not just on Shabbat.  Worship certainly isn’t work, especially around Round Prairie.
Shabbat may be the day we come together for worship, but it isn’t the only day we worship.
I don’t want to distract from the main theme of the video, because I agree with the bulk of it.  Similarly I don’t agree 100% with everything taught at the different links that I  have posted.  I don’t even agree 100% with everything at my own assembly. I subscribe to the philosophy that anyone who agrees with you 80% is an ally and anyone who agrees with you 90% should be a friend.
I do, however, agree with the idea that if you are going to willfully break Shabbat then you may as well steal, murder, etc.
Please Read:
I’ve written an update to this post, please read it for my new thoughts and opinions.

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